Sunday, 29 January 2017

Fitness begins tomorrow :)

Starting tomorrow, I am going to be going to the gym. A lot. Its reached that point where its nearly the end of January, and I have not been as good as I should have been.

I've kind of dieted, took the dog for a few walks and really cut back on the alcohol, but I haven't really gone for it exercise wise. I need to.

I have about 7 weeks until my tattoo and just short of 3 months until my holiday. I need to get my legs toned, lose the fat and get in shape.

The plan for this week is this:

  • Gym x 4 times
  • Swim x 1 times
  • Squats every day
  • Abs every day
  • Push ups and tricep dips every day
  • Burpees - alternate days
I keep craving chocolate and wine and generally everything fattening and bad for me. I give in, I indulge and then I look in the mirror at my body and regret it. I need to find my will power. I will. I have to. 

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