Friday, 27 January 2017

I Want a Tattoo!!

Ever since I turned 30 I have wanted a tattoo. That date came and went some years back!! Still the urge persists. I already have a tattooist lined up. The issue now is firstly, what to have?

I fluctuate between dragons, roses, skulls, lilies and fairies, and combinations of. Then there is the location. Originally, I wanted one on my left thigh. Then it occured to me that it would be showing if I wore shorts, so I decided that it might be better to have one weave over my hip, finishing at the top of my thigh, going up to the bottom of my back.

I keep changing my mind on that now too, as it occurs to me that my thighs need to be very toned first, so I would need to be at my goal weight first.

But then it occurs to me that if I do get to my goal weight then have my tattoo started, then I will then be out of action for a while exercise wise. So what to do?

I think I need to decide on the what first, then the where, and then finally the when!! Decisions decisions. I have now turned 40 however.  These things take time!!

However, I am booked in for my first session on 20th March so now the pressure is on ! It is going to happen this year :)