Monday, 9 January 2017

Let the Countdowns begin..

I have had a great Christmas, and a lovely New Year, and a wonderful holiday, but now I have gained more than a few pounds - oops!!

So its time to begin a countdown to a new body. Again. So here we go:

10 Weeks. target number 1 - 10 weeks, and a few days, until my very first tattoo session!! Eek, and being on my thigh, said thigh needs slimming down.

14 weeks and a couple of days until my next holiday. I am not, repeat, not, going away looking like I need to be harpooned.

Those are my targets, so basically, 10 weeks is the most important one. I also need to lose more than I thought. I have put 2 stone on!! Arghh!!

So, in pounds, I need to lose, in order to maintain my sanity, 38 pounds. Hmm, in 10 weeks? Maybe not. 14 weeks - I could shift 28 possibly, if I eat nothing bad, and go at it hell for leather. Especially given that the first loss should be quite dramatic!!

38 pounds. Jees. So much worse than I had thought it was going to be, but I have enjoyed every calorie of it, so this is now my punishment.

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