Thursday, 12 January 2017

My Frugal month begins

I have set myself a goal this month and that is to have a frugal month. I intend to tell friends and family of my plan, so as not to cause issues or offence!!

Basically, I need to drastically cut back on spends. I have negotiated better deals and lowered the monthly cost on household bills, insurances etc.. but now its the spending review.

I usually place online orders, and occasionally use discounted items to bulk buy, but not necessarily the cheapest offers. Well that is going to change!!

I shall research the best place and best price for everything I buy. We are not going out for drinks or meals either. We are both dieting, so it makes sense to stay home where we can control portion sizes and food choices. Saving £s right there on not paying £30 for tea or £25 for a takeaway, when we can home cook for pennies.

We have a soup maker, so thats the first saving. No more buying tinned soup. We tried it out today - carrot and coriander and it was lush. So there is the first one on the list - also, natural ingredients, no additives and low calorie - bonus!!

Not going out will save us on taxi fares. Not going shopping for clothes and toiletries etc.. will save on petrol. Cooking at home will mean that we have less food to throw away when its out of date.

I am going to start turning the heating down a notch and putting on a cardigan. I am also not going to be putting it on again when it goes off at 10pm. The house doesn't cool down that fast!!

I am not buying ready meals, I am not buying microwave packets of rice. Its just burning money and it has to stop. I am going to buy fresh veg and big sack of spuds and that will do us just fine.

I am going to stop wearing a T-shirt for an hour then getting myself changed and putting in the wash. I am actually going to wear things twice if they are barely worn and still clean!!

Another thing is shutting doors and windows. My other half opens windows to get some fresh air in when the heating is on which drives me mad! I am going to close doors to keep the heat in.

I am going to look at my coins - sounds silly, but some coins are worth more than their face value. One to look into.

Lights need to be turned off in this house. My other half and step kids are buggars for it. I am also going to stop throwing things away with a little bit left in the bottom. I am going to use every last dreg!!

I shall shop sensibly with a list from now on, and stick to that list. I shall drink less - saving money and being healthy. When I do drink, its going to be watered down with diet mixers and soda water making it last longer.

I am going to use cashback and discounts, look out for vouchers and coupons and buy fresh - farms and markets are bargains for meat and veg. I am also going to start making stuff - presents, cards, wrapping paper, crafts - I am good at stuff like that.

I am going to have a real purge on what I don't want / don't need to and get selling. There are ways of boosting my income online and I intend to explore them.

I am going to walk more - getting in my car less will save me on mileage and petrol. There are lots of ways I can stretch my income and spendings and I intend to do just that. For one whole month.

Quite excited. I shall see how much I can save and maybe this might be an ongoing thing!!

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