Thursday, 26 January 2017

Productive Day - clean house, clean eating, happy dog :)

Have you ever woke up in the morning and instead of being all like "omg its time to get up" and all morose and tired and grumpy, you are the opposite? I woke up this morning fired up and ready to roll.

Cue a very productive day indeed. Today I dusted the house from top to bottom, behind, under, in between - you name it I was at it. Feather duster over doorways, light fittings, pictures - nothing was left.

Next up it was hoovering the whole house. Once again, going around the edges, doing the stairs, under tables and chairs and furniture.

I bleached the kitchen trays, cleaned the sides, bleached the worktops and the plug holes. I got all the washing done, and organised the cupboards.

I sorted the shoe rack, then organised the shoes upstairs. I cleaned my boots. I cleaned the hob. I cleaned the bathrooms thoroughly. I cleared out empty boxes and odd flip flops. Quite how I came home with one flip flop I cannot say, I sure didn't hop anywhere!!

I photographed my latest wardrobe clear out to sell. I downloaded my photos and organised them into folders.

I took my dog for a walk, and we played and had cuddles. I took her to get a new lead as her not very old one has frayed. She loves her new one.

I made two types of home made soup - carrot and coriander, and leek and potato and very scrummy it is too.

I did little things like empty the bin, clean the bin and freshen it with zoflora, likewise the drains. I even cleaned the light switches!

I cleaned windows, I cleaned the glass in the doors. I worked hard today and it felt so good.

I feel content, Coco the dog is happy and asleep now, and the other half was very impressed when he got home. Good day today :)

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