Thursday, 12 January 2017

Today's Reason to be Cheerful - first for 2017

First one of 2017, so without further ado lets get on with it shall we? Well, the weather outside is frightful...oh no, sorry, its not Christmas!! Its January, but finally, the white stuff has arrived.

Granted not the deluge we were expecting that the weather forecasters had told us to prepare for. No, rather than an onslaught of thick white snow, its been more of a soft sprinkling of flakes. However, it looked very pretty, which is one reason to be cheerful, and for another, is far less treacherous under foot and tyre.

We got to see our little furry one's first experience with snow which was funny. Something else to add to her endless list of weather conditions she has no tolerance for. That's to add to rain and wind - not the outdoors type our girl! Her face was a picture.

It was my turn on the school run this morning - we set off at a respectable 7.55am, expecting horrendous traffic as was reported to be the case yesterday. Lucky us, we breezed through and made it in plenty of time, giving us 10 minutes or so to keep warm and have a girly natter in the car before she toddled off inside the gates.

Taking G makes me feel privileged - a little bit of 1-1 time with my step-daughter is a rare opportunity. Especially one when she's actually awake and in a talkative mood. Fab.

I have been healthy all day. I have done some exercises, which felt good. I have eaten well, which feels good. I am feeling much better, less bloated, more in control. Its all good today :)