Monday, 16 January 2017

Today's Reason to be Cheerful post

Time for today's reasons to be cheerful post, and today, I am feeling much better having come down with a bit of the lurgy these past days or two. So that is one incredibly huge reason to be cheerful.

A further reason, is that despite feeling incredibly fed up for being sick, I have not given in to the usual inevitable giant tub of ice cream or chocolate bars, or crisps or anything of that kind in order to comfort eat. No, I have resisted. Granted I have not moved far from bed or the sofa, but thats still a pretty decent achievement. Pats self on the back in self congratulatory manner!!

It would appear I do have will power after all, and that is brilliant. Next on the list, I have finally started to get my act together in terms of what I want to do with my life post 40. I am positively brimming with ideas and creativity, and it feels good. I've had something of an absence lately and its back, and wow, I have missed it.

Very cheerful today. Good day. :)

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