Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Today's Reason to be Cheerful

Today has been another day of not really anything spectacular, but nevertheless, has been productive in many ways.

Starting this morning, I sat for several hours wrapping ebay parcels - got a little bit behind, but now all up to date again, which is excellent. I feel much more in control of things and organised now, thank goodness, so that's great.

Me and my little furry friend played some games together, and she's been very affectionate and loving today. She is such a friendly little dog and when we have cuddles, its lovely.

I watched some great films whilst I caught up on emails - the weather really wasn't fit for much outdoors. However, when I did briefly venture outside with Coco, I noticed spring bulbs starting to come through.

It always cheers me up seeing Spring is on its way. The nights start to get lighter, the garden starts to become green and flowers start to appear. Yes, Spring is on its way, and thats wonderful :)

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