Thursday, 19 January 2017

Today's Reasons to be Cheerful post

Top of today's reasons to be cheerful is the fact that my other half has booked the day off work tomorrow!! Yay - we can spend the day together, and he doesn't have to get up for work. The weekend starts here.

Next - I have just had a shower. Yes, not exactly the most exciting thing, but here me out. Having lost half a stone in weight in just under 10 days, I suddenly noticed it today. I felt slimmer, and I actually quite enjoyed having a shower, indulging myself with some lovely body cream and for once not feeling repulsed!! Fab.

Our little dog is being hilarious this evening. Running around, chasing her tail, generally being a bit bonkers - proper makes me laugh.

Today has been another normal day, but even normal days are great sometimes.

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