Friday, 27 January 2017

today's reasons to be cheerful post :)

Its time for today's reasons to be cheerful, and first of all, it is Friday!! Now, I am currently not working at least not in the traditional sense, but for my other half he is home, we can enjoy the weekend together, so that is fab!! 

It means a lie in tomorrow too - fabulous. Further, we have lots planned this weekend. Nothing overly exciting but still lots to do and I am in the frame of mind where rather than being overwhelmed by this, I feel positive and can do. 

I finally managed to get my diet head on and got my backside moving today. I avoided temptation and managed to get done everything I wanted to do including cleaning my father in laws flat as he is old and not too good health wise, so I did a good deed. 

I took doggly for a walk so got some fresh air. I packed a lot in and further, I have stayed off the alcohol all week, tonight included, so I am feeling healthy. 

Another good day :) 

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