Monday, 30 January 2017

Today's Reasons to be Cheerful post

So, its almost midnight, but still it is Monday so I shall make this one a quick one!!

Reasons to be cheerful for today then - its Monday, and I am no longer working, so I do not have that horrible Monday morning feeling to contend with.

Yes, I have lots to keep me busy, lots to do, and I am still trying to earn an income, whilst not yet actively looking for work. I am cleaning and decluttering and selling what I no longer want or use.

So, there is no reason to have the monday blues. Secondly today I have watched some great movies - I have watched The Maid's Room which is very good. and I have also watched Pride and Glory.

I enjoy good movies it makes me escape for an hour or two. Me and my dog have had lots of cuddle time today, which has also been lovely and I feel happy :)

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