Friday, 13 January 2017

Today's Reasons to be Cheerful

Today's reasons to be cheerful post and so, to begin with, I am feeling blessed. I have just watched first Corrie with its heartbreaking storyline, and now Eastenders and suddenly I feel like I have no reason not to be cheerful.

Right now, my friends and family are all well, healthy and as happy as people are generally in this life. Noone is going through that sort of tragedy, and that is bloody well amazing. My heart goes out to those that are.

We have a lovely home, a gorgeous dog, who is full of personality and cheek and makes us laugh everyday. We have friends, and family and we have each other. We stick together, good times and bad, thick and thin and we are each others best friend and rock.

Today, I need nothing more than that to be cheerful. :)

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