Thursday, 19 January 2017

Weigh in - The Results are in

I weighed in, and I have neither lost nor gained. I would ordinarily be disappointed, but to be honest, with being quite poorly since Saturday, I am glad I haven't gained. I have barely moved off the sofa, and I have eaten well, but not really calorie counted or portion controlled.

That said, this is still a huge loss from my Jan 9th weigh in. In 10 days I have lost half a stone- 7 pounds. That is still a great achievement.

It does mean I need to knuckle down now and lose more than I had planned this coming week, but first, its cheat day. I firmly believe that for any diet to work, you need to have the occasional treat.

Two reasons for my logic on this. Firstly, there is nothing more miserable than dieting. Yes, it feels great to lose weight - when you get on those scales and its dropped, its amazing. When you feel like your body is slimming down, your clothes fitting better- wonderful. But, the process itself - not being able to just choose what you want, when you want, not feeling full often - its miserable, like an endurance test!

Secondly, I definitely think that my body, if not everybody, reacts better to my diet efforts when I reward it. When I continually cut back, my skin and my energy levels and my state of mind are impacted. My skin plays up, I feel tired, I look drawn and I feel fed up and down.

Having that treat - I don't mean going mad - just choose a day, every so often, every other week or so, keeps me perky. I also seem to lose weight better. I don't eat everything in sight on cheat day - but I let myself have a little of what I want. I find by consciously choosing what I have, it also stops the cravings taking over and losing control. I have my treat, then I am back on course.

So all in all, not a bad first week weigh in. 7lbs in 10 days. Excellent :)

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