Monday, 16 January 2017

What I'm Watching this Week

  • CBB. Yes, it is back again. The celebs are so crazy, as per. Austin is annoying me a little bit this time though. Angie Best I thought was the coolest mum ever, until she kept on and on and on about being healthy. Yawn. Tonight, first out. Hoorah!! 
  • Eastenders. What a week!! Roxy and Ronnie made their farewell exit from 'Stenders in a tragic accident. Who saw drowning being the way they would go? I'm still not back into the east end crew just yet - Babe needs to go as she annoys the hell out of me, and its sooo depressing, but I had to watch the Mitchell sisters departure. Poor Jack, and great that Max is back too. Now it turns out Denise is giving up her baby and Phil is the baby Daddy!! What!!!
  • Emmerdale. my favourite of the soaps, and tonight, the horrible Pierce, who is a wrong un for sure, looks even more deranged than usual. God knows what he is going to do. Scary guy. The Woolpack turned itself into a male strip event this evening - cue lots of innuendo. Love it. Even Bob got in on the action - hilarious. 
  • Corrie. Pat Phelan needs to be sorted out now - what a horrible man. Poor Michelle, as she loses her baby. Steve, whilst upset, you just know its going to come out about him and Leanne and his other baby now. Going to be warfare when Michelle, inevitably, finds out. She can always turn to Robert - infinitely better than Steve. 
  • The Affair. The new series is very good, but I want Noah and Alison to get back together!! Its so wrong that his ex wife Helen is just carrying on after Noah has repeatedly covered for her, through guilt after his affair. Weirdly, I am taking Alison's side in all of this, rather than the betrayed wife which is unusual, but its just the way the storyline is so well written rather than follow the same tired path. Excellent acting, excellent program. Love it!!