Friday, 20 January 2017

What I'm Watching this Week

  • Come Dine With Me. I have always watched this on an occasional basis, but I've not really watched the same individuals as they go to each other's houses to dine. For some reason, I'm finding myself watching this all the way through, following them as they score one another. It never ceases to amuse me how they prepare food that noone in their right mind would serve to strangers! Really spicy food, entire menu's of fish, or meat on the bone. I mean you are taking a risk to have the same meat for starter and main, just in case someone doesn't like that meat. Its funny though, especially when they fall out!! 

  • Celebrity Big Brother. Speaking of fall outs - good lord!! This year's housemates are constantly going at each other. Mainly since Kim has arrived, but Stacey is clearly a bit bonkers. Last night, she seemed to forget what she was even arguing about, as it suddenly switched from saying Kim was wrong, to Jessica when Jess hadn't said a thing! Kim kept telling Nicola not to start, when she hadn't. Its just carnage. Jedward are like a pair of 10 year olds, and even Spencer and Heidi seem quite nice this time. I love it - pure entertainment. 

  • Blindspot. We've just started to watch this on boxset, and its really good. A woman turns up in Times Square, covered in tattoos and noone knows who she is. Its really fast paced, and I think I might have to watch it from the start again when its finished, because its quite confusing. Its very clever - the tattoos all mean something, and the team are trying to interpret it. Its fascinating, but very complicated. Great drama - no idea what is going to happen next. 

  • How to lose weight well. This is my new addiction. They are trying virtually every way to lose weight then reporting back on the progress. What I like about this, is that the people they are trying this with, are totally normal. They do fall off the plan, have a drink when they shouldn't or a mcdonalds. Like the rest of us do!! Its not realistic when you watch these programs and people just stick to it for 10 weeks without cheating. All of us cheat occasionally on our diets. No point pretending otherwise, and programs that make it look easy put me off. This is fascinating. 

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