Wednesday, 11 January 2017

What's coming up on The Eternal Hopeful for 2017

Its 2017, and to kick off the new year (yes, a little late I know, but it is still January! ) here is my round up of what is coming up on The Eternal Hopeful this year:

  • Book of the Month - commencing 11 Jan
  • Word of the Week 
  • Single of the week and retro single of the week alternating
  • My Week with series will continue
  • Battles with the bulge - my ongoing forays into exercise and weight loss
  • What I'm Watching - continuing to share whats on our box
  • Learning Spanish - my attempts to learn this beautiful language continue
  • Lifestyle - goals, travels, health, beauty and foody stuff 
  • Wishlists - you have to know what you want! 
  • Resolutions for the Year
  • Countdowns and top 10s - I love a good countdown and I love Top 10's
  • Movie reviews - the odd review of great films!! 
  • Wedding Planning - my wedding is getting closer! 
  • Money & Work - ongoing tips, ideas and general as life continues
And anything else that takes my fancy!! Right now, being January, its all about getting back in shape, but there will be plenty to keep you entertained and interested :) 

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