Thursday, 26 January 2017

What''s happening in the World this week

  • I can't go any further in my round up without making reference to Trump's inauguration. The man's speech was unusual - more like a voting rally speech than a President taking office. The singing was even odder - brave girl, but slightly awkward to listen to and a bit out of tune. Then there are the protests going on in the US and also here in Blighty. Troubled times ahead as countries fracture in their opinions. Brexit pales by comparison. 

  • Man U played my home team Stoke City this week. Wayne Rooney scored to equalise, making him now Man U's highest ever goal scorer. Just a shame it was against Stoke, but hey ho. Well done Wayne. 

  • It has snowed in Spain. Parts of Spain have been turned white for the first time in decades, and in some areas for over 100 years!! 

  • My favourite story of this week is a bit of fun. The wonders of the world made out of lego is going on show at an exhibition in Nottingham. The Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef and Stone Henge are amongst those made. Absolutely brilliant.