Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Diet and Exercise update

Well I have finally got my head in the right place. The idea was to start this health and fitness drive in January. That sort of started, stalled then failed spectacularly.

Then yesterday, I seemed to find my motivation - I put in my first solo gym appearance of the year. I then followed this up today with a second solo session!!

I am so ridiculously unfit again - there will be no sub 9 minute miles for me any time soon - there will no mile running at any speed any time soon! Yesterday, I walked briskly and then on an incline and my legs burned.

Today, I upped it a little bit by putting the speed up to the level where I could almost walk with a slight jog to my step then slowly crept it up from there. I couldn't really call it a run but it certainly got my heart racing!!

Its hard going, and its going to take some time to get my fitness levels back, but I can only go from here. Taking each day at a time, and not overfacing myself with the scale of this problem. I have a lot to lose this time, but I can only climb this mountain by putting one foot in front of the other, one step at time. Each day is a step forward and upwards.

It can only get better.