Wednesday, 15 February 2017

My stay at The Florentine, Sheffield - Arrival & Accomodation

A few months ago, I won a competition to stay for one night at The Florentine in Sheffield. Dinner and breakfast were included. We chose to spend our night there on the 24th May, so off we toddled in the rain, bags packed, wondering what it would be like. 

Well, when we arrived, we were not disappointed. 

Even in the rain, this is an impressive looking building. Big sash windows, pitched roof - like some sort of manor house!!

I was convinced it would have some history to it, perhaps some old building renovated for modern times. Unfortunately, if there is any history to the building, I haven't been able to find any reference to it!!

We checked in and were shown to our room. All the rooms have names rather than numbers which is quite cute and unusual. The first thing I loved was the bed. It was huge. I really love beds that are high up too and this bed was spectacular. Pretty cushions and throws added a bit of extra luxury.

There was a huge window overlooking the front of the hotel, and I imagine on a good day the view would be quite lovely. As it was, we had a lovely view of the rain slatting against the glass, but couldn't fault the room at all. All white paintwork, and shades of blues and grey/greens. 

There was a gorgeous mirror, several pretty framed pictures, and a seating area with a gorgeous little bear table! 

All in all, the room was decorated and accessorised to a very high standard. There were 2 fluffy white bath robes hanging up for us to use, plus tea, coffee and a huge TV mounted on the wall!

The bathroom was beautiful. The hotel was recently revamped, and I think they spent the money on the bathrooms - best bathroom I have seen in a hotel to date. Clean, pristine and luxurious, the shower had a twin head - very powerful - I didn't want to come out!

Once again, fluffy white towels in abundance were available for us to use, along with some very nice touches. Shampoo and conditioner, some lovely smelling shower gel and body lotion. From the white company no less. Class.

Brightly lit, with clean white porcelain sink and toilet, a very nice mirror and all chrome fittings. All greys, white and chrome. Gorgeous. 

There was plenty of space too, so you weren't cramming your toiletries on a tiny shelf - I had plenty of shelf space to put my make up and beauty kit.

So the room was gorgeous. The bedding so soft, the pillows plump and soft, but firm enough. The mattress was the sort you did not want to get out of. I love it already!!!

At this point, we ventured down to the bar, and met a celeb - albeit a minor one, but hey - it counts!! More on that and our adventures later!!

So, the room and the hotel - first class. The food, drink and hospitality, I shall review in a separate post! Catch you later :)

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