Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Things to do in February - last day of the month

Things to do in February:

  • Plant summer bulbs
  • cut back the garden
  • Go for long walks in the countryside
  • go for a jog (now the snow is hopefully done)
  • Clean your car
  • Get your bike out and go for a ride
  • Ramp up the gym sessions
  • Start your 30 day squat challenge
  • Treat yourself to a spa treatment
  • Get your wellies on and go jump in some puddles
  • Go watch a film at the cinema
  • Plan your trips for the year
  • Learn a new skill 
  • Cook something new
  • Lay off the carbs
  • Celebrate Valentines Day
  • Enjoy the nights getting lighter
  • Declutter your loft or garage