Sunday, 26 February 2017

What I am loving this week

My round up of what I am loving this week:
  • That Coldplay and Chainsmokers collaboration on The Brits. Wow. Chris Martin's vocals, and their music - sheer brilliance. 

  • Billions series 1. Rewatching on box set in readiness for Season 2. Loving it even more second time around. 

  • Central Heating. Yes, the weather has made me run for cover and remain indoors as much as possible. The joy of turning the heating up with my phone whilst lying in a hot bath. Bliss. 

  • Wellies. When I absolutely have to go outdoors, wellies are definitely the order of the day!! 

  • Woolly socks. Thick and warm and snuggly - perfect with PJs . 

  • Oxo cubes. I seem to be addicted to them - gravy, of course, is a winter staple, but oxo as a drink is so warming and tasty and low cal!!