Thursday, 2 February 2017

What I'm Watching this Week

  • The Whispers. What a great series this is. Its on boxsets so we have the pleasure of watching in bulk rather than waiting in between episodes which is always fun. This is scary - little kids hearing voices - whispers - from this being or entity called Drill. As yet, no idea who or what he is, but he is bad!!! Spooky stuff. 

  • Emmerdale. The return of Debbie Dingle and cue much Dingle hoo-hah! Charity full of tranquiliser for animals was my highlight of the week - hilarious. On a darker side, Rhona was yet again on the receiving end of Pierce's jealousy. Having admitted to having Cain Dingle as her secret lust for a one night stand, when most folks go for famous types, Pierce was not best pleased, and he took it out on Rhona in horrific manner. He needs to be sorted out for once and for all now. Enough is enough. 

  • Films. I am well into watching my movies again after a lull. This week I have watched several - Into the Forest; Alice through the Looking Glass; Surveillance; Hail Caesar; and the remake of Cabin Fever. More on these later - the good, the bad and the gruesome! 

  • Corrie. Will someone please sort Phelan out!! He has now married Eileen - given this woman's track record with blokes, she should surely be able to recognise a wrong un by now shouldn't she? Grrr!!! Such sadness for Michelle, and is it wrong that I want her to bin Steve for Robert? 

  • Eastenders. Wow - first Roxy and Ronnie's demise and now a rogue bus!! Will it stop there? Judging by Max Branning's mysterious meeting on a London rooftop last night, it would appear not!! All I can say is this - please let Babe be one of those who goes - awful character, and secondly - please let Mick remain - I need Danny in my soap life!

  • CBB. Bonkers. That is my main word to sum this up. Jedward, Kim, Nicola - all bonkers. Thoroughly entertaining, but dare I say it - I am sad Speidi have gone.