Tuesday, 28 February 2017

What I'm Watching this Week

  • Broadchurch. Series 3 started on Monday night, and it was as intense and brilliant as ever. I am so sad this is the last series ever, but also in a way glad as it will remain great and not fade away as shows often do. David Tennant and Olivia Colman as Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller are just superb. Some humour, much tension and superb plot and storyline have made the first 2 TV gold, and this one has started just as well. Great stuff. 

  • The Walking Dead. We are bang up to date now with the new series and its as good as ever. Negan is the absolute worst baddie there has ever been in TWD and he has some serious competition for that title. He is truly terrifying. You just never know who is going to cop for it next. I just want them to exact a bloody revenge now - he sooo has it coming!! 

  • Corrie - seriously, Steve McDonald - Michelle is never going to take you back. Great stuff her taking over The Rovers and giving away booze - wish that would happen at my local!! I hope she runs away with Robert. Rosie is so annoying, but has finally come clean with Sally that its all just a front - she has no career - wow - did not see that coming! Oh no, wait... she's a successful super model but her parents are both living in a terraced house on Coronation Street? Surely she would have upgraded them to somewhere bigger with a nice garden maybe? Hmm. 

  • Emmerdale. I love Emmerdale - its taken over as my favourite soap at present. I am loving the whole return of Cain and Chaz's mum - she's bonkers. The Dingles are just the best soap family in my humble opinion. Chop shop's, crazy ex stalking, affairs, you name it - the Dales have it. Loving it. 

  • Billions. Rewatching the first series to prepare for series 2. Just as good, just as gripping. Great stuff - cannot wait for series 2.