Friday, 31 March 2017

My Book of the Month - The Teacher by Katerina Diamond

My book of the month for March is The Teacher by Katerina Diamond. Now, before I begin with this one, I must issue you this warning - this is seriously gruesome so be prepared if you decide to read this one!

So, it begins with a teacher. He is given a choice of a macabre tortured demise, or to escape that option by taking the only other way out - suicide. But is it really suicide when you have no choice? That's the dilemma this opens with and the shocks just keep coming.

This book explores the darker recesses of the human condition, with sadistic cult like behaviours, good versus evil, twisting and turning and you just do not see what is coming next.

Two disgraced cops are put together, but somehow they work together in a way where ultimately, they are forced to only be able to trust one another as the web spins wider and questions of trust hang over each and everyone of those around them.

As the perpetrator of the most heinous and graphic crimes, as the reader, you should be rooting for him to be caught, but this book is clever. Somehow setting the scene that the bad guy really isn't the bad guy. Will the police on the case catch him, and more importantly, will he be held accountable for his crimes?

I have not read a more thrilling thriller for a good many years. This is new, fresh, and the story line so clever, so scary and dark, and yet so well thought through - its a rare thing indeed.

I've not read any of Diamond's work before- a fact that will most certainly change in the future having read this one. Highly recommended to those with a strong stomach!