Sunday, 19 March 2017

My Diet and exercise weekly round up

Its been a good week for the diet and exercise plan this week. I have been to the gym, worked hard on the garden project, eaten well and exercised at home too.

I have got in two good sessions at the gym and worked very hard - running, walking on incline, stepper, cross trainer, bike and abs work. I have done 2 lots of 45 minutes Zumba session on the Wii fit. I have done squats, abs and floor exercises at home, plus a few burpees and jumps.

Monday - Friday we were outdoors putting down sleepers to make raised beds, edge the existing ones and create a more structured and beautiful look for our place. Then we started to work on the pergola. The existing one is rotten, but weaving the new wood into wisteria, honeysuckle and clematis is not easy. We have 4 posts in place now, plus the rails and support beams - its looking good, but not even halfway through. That has meant lots of lifting and maneuvering and hard work. 7

I have eaten healthily - lots of veggies and fruit, goji berries and home made soup. I have worked really hard this week. Here's hoping the scales go my way this week!!

I need to get one a half stone off in 5 weeks, which is not going to happen, but I might get closer to it at least.

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