Thursday, 9 March 2017

Pampering afternoon - all for me :)

I am looking forward to this afternoon. No work for me today. Plus, I am booked in for my nails at 1, followed by having my hair cut at 3.30.

That means my mitts will look sparkly and polished again, and my greys will be gone. For age 40, I'm quite pleased that I don't have too many, but with being dark haired, they really show themselves, little buggars!

So from 1pm onwards, its all about me for a couple of hours! Yay!!

My nails take roughly an hour, then I've got an hour or so to kill before I get to the salon for my barnet. What can I do with my time I wonder?

Maybe a spot of Christmas shopping perhaps? Or maybe I might treat myself to some new clothes. Or maybe both!!

Ooh yes, me time. Excellent. :)

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