Monday, 13 March 2017

Things to do in March

March brings with it Spring. The nights get lighter, the temp gets milder, the birds start to sing and the green shoots start to push through.

March is the perfect month to do some this:

- Spring Cleaning - give your house a top to bottom

- Change your Clocks - Spring Forward an hour

- Get some fresh air - get outdoors and make the most of the nights getting lighter

- Display some spring flowers - daffodils, tulips, narcissus - brighten up your outside

- Open your windows - let some air in

- Turn the heating down - its time to get that thermostat down a notch

- Work up a sweat - it will soon be summer, get your beach body started now

- Get your car valeted - remove the evidence of rainy muddy days and McD wrappers!

- Ditch those woolly jumpers - its not that cold now!

All in all, March is the month to get your house in order, brighten up your world and dust away the winter. Its Spring - make the most of it! :)