Sunday, 19 March 2017

Today's Reasons to be Cheerful post

Today was a good day, so thats first on the list for reasons to be cheerful. I am tired in a satisfied way. I have worked my butt off physically - 2 lots of zumba on the wii, plus abs, squats and lots of other exercises. It feels good.

I have eaten healthily, and for once, I am feeling like whilst I am not a goal weight, that is not the measure of my happiness. My life has always been on a yo-yo in parallel to my weight. If I am slimmer, I am happier. Nonsense. From now on, whilst I am not going to become heavier, I am going to lighten up and stop being a damn diet bore. This revelation is a great reason to be cheerful!!

I am right now, as I write this, on my sofa, recliner up, whiskey and diet coke in hand, with my gorgeous 9 month old puppy on my lap - currently upside down snoring!! I feel utterly content right now and all feels right with the world.