Sunday, 26 March 2017

What I'm Watching this Week

  • Billions. We have set to watching series 1 again and its even better second time around. Just about to start series 2. The tension in the last episode was awesome to behold. The two men facing each other, both trying to outdo the other. Electrifying. My best moment of series 1 though just has to be Dollar Bill's return where Axe pretends to fight with him, whilst saying I love you like a brother. Amazing stuff - cannot wait to get stuck in to series 2. 

  • Benidorm. Loving Mr Woo and his silly jokes this evening! I still think its lacking something from the first few series, but its still entertaining and fun to watch. Rough, cheap and cheerful characters, with gutter humour and innuendo - whats not to like?

  • The Walking Dead. Finally, it looks like Negan is going to be confronted! I don't think I would be happy if my other half ever said he could survive without me like Rick said to Michone, but then again, I have never experienced a zombie virus outbreak but even so... Anyway - I need some serious kick ass here - Negan is the worst and surely he has to pay for his crimes now. Come on gang - go get him!! 

  • Emmerdale. What goings on this week - underage sex, cyber trolling, dementia, abusive controlling Pierce - creepy, and poor Aaron. Brilliant stuff in the Dales at the moment. So want Moira and Cain to get back together then it would be better still. Loving Chaz and Cain's mum though - such an embarassing mum, but still a great character to bring in. 

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