Saturday, 29 April 2017

AJ vs Klitschko - Wow

So tonight was Anthony Johnson versus Wladamir Klitschko. Similar height, build and weight, it was a hard one to call. At the start, it looked like it was AJ, then the tables turned, and the odds swung.

At points they both looked like they were about to go down, and indeed they both did. It was clear that whilst AJ is the younger fighter, Klitschko is a true fighter, who just kept going.

I have never felt so torn between who I was willing on. Obviously AJ is our boy, our national treasure, so we had to be behind him. But the other guy was fighting so hard, and with such heart, it was impossible not to respect him and admire him.

The longer it went on, the more emotional we all got. My step daughter watched it with us - her first big fight. What a first fight it was!!

I am so glad for Anthony, but I feel so much respect for Klitschko - they have both earned my respect. The winner is irrelevant - at 41, Wladamir can continue to feel the champion he is. However, we have entered a new era - AJ is the new champion.

What a fight!!

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