Friday, 28 April 2017

Back from hols and back to reality :(

Back from holiday early this morning. Back with a load of washing and a load of great memories!! Lots of photo's to download, and also a few more pounds to shed!!

Holidays are fantastic. Coming back home? Not so much except I do love my house of course!! So, the mission is to get everything unpacked, washed, ironed, and back away as soon as possible.

There is nothing worse than still seeing bikini's in the washing basket a week after getting home. Just depressing.

So what to do about being back to reality? How to counter the post holiday blues?

Well first on the list is to get this weight off. I am not going on holiday feeling that there is a danger of being harpooned again. So for the next holiday, I shall be at goal weight. That means losing somewhere in the region of 2 - 3 stone from now.

Today is Friday, and come Monday, I am back on the straight and narrow - back to the gym, back to eating healthily. This may seem like foolishness but I am determined to get back into my fitness training straight away this time.

The only thing I can guarantee happening if I don't get straight back on that wagon is that I gain more weight. I slack off the diet, become virtually sedentary and its a vicious circle, well not this time it isn't!

So that's the first bit. Next up? Booking another one of course!! No better cure for the post holiday blues. Now, where shall we go next? Hmmmmm.... :)

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