Friday, 28 April 2017

Post Holiday "to do" list

Going on holiday is great. Packing is fun. Unpacking? Sheesh. Post holiday - much to do:
  • Unpack hand luggage
  • Unpack case
  • Put shoes away
  • Put travel plugs away
  • Pack travel only items up for next time
  • Put first aid and medicines away
  • Pile up washing into loads
  • Wash the loads of washing
  • Try and dry washing when it won't stop damn raining!!
  • Ironing. Argghh!!
  • Put cosmetics away
  • Put toiletries away
  • Put suitcases back in loft
  • Hoover to get rid of the sand everywhere!
  • Handwash items
  • Put everything back in wardrobe
  • Post hols weigh in
  • Start planning for when the diet starts again - sooner the better
  • Enjoy food and drink for a few days
  • Start counting down to the next holiday, or book one!! ( already booked - yay!! )
  • Put bags away
  • Put sunglasses away
  • Get some wine!! 
  • Put passports safe
  • Check finances - I spent how much??!!!
  • Have a clear out - some items have to go
  • Decide what new items I need
  • Catch up on emails
  • Catch up with comping and ebay
  • Read all the post
  • Catch up on the soaps, big bro and box sets
  • Plan the blog for the week
  • Prepare to return to work :( 

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