Friday, 28 April 2017

The Best Bits of Winter Sun Holidays

Fresh back from a bit of winter sun, courtesy of the Canary Islands, its a bit nippy on our return!! The heating is turned up, the washing machine is on, the cases are almost unpacked. So why do we put ourselves through it? Sometimes it all seems a bit stressful and a lot of faff, but here are my best bits of a winter sun break:

  • The temperature obviously - 24-29 degrees on average in the Canaries in November 
  • The beaches - nothing like lying on a beach when its sub zero back home! 
  • The views - the Canary islands are beautiful  mountains, beaches, adventures
  • The restaurants - varied and you can find really good food for great prices
  • The prices - much much cheaper than the UK for food and drink
  • The relaxation - get a massage and chill out
  • Getting in the pool - it feels amazing in winter
  • Splash in the sea - great waves make it exciting just having a paddle!!
  • Watersports - the Canaries are famous for its surfing and watersports
  • The landmarks - volcanoes, lighthouses - you name it
  • Eating Alfresco - this just does not happen in winter in the UK! 
  • Beach picnics - pack your lunch and off you go! 
  • Not having to rush - nowhere to rush to, take your time
  • Read a book or several uninterrupted!! 
  • No beach sellers - its rare that you get any hassle at all
  • No tights required!! 

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