Monday, 10 April 2017

Well, didn't get to goal weight and a week to go :(

So its just over a week until my holiday - off to Gran Canaria and very excited!! However, what I am far from happy with is my weight.

Normally, in 6 weeks or so, I can get close to target. A few times I have got lower, a few times I have missed by a couple of pounds. This time though, something has happened - the weight won't budge.

At first I just thought it was a blip, and that it would start coming off again. It didn't, it hasn't. That means that this time, I am somewhere in the region of 12 pounds over. That means that my middle, which is usually flat and toned for hols, is far from it.

This means a change of the clothes I usually pack. Bodycon are usually the order of the day, but this time I think with the exception of day one and two, when I might get away with it, just, that I need to pack something more forgiving altogether.

I have been so upset and dejected by this, and wracking my brains as to why my body won't let go of the weight. I'm not obese, but I'm not thin either - i'm in the normal to overweight range, but I could do with a stone and a half off to get to the size I want to be. That is usually where I get to when I diet and exercise.

I have done nothing different this time, but the results I usually get have not been successful. On one week, following the 3 day diet which is intense, which usually sees me drop 6 pounds or so, I actually gained weight. Not losing would have been bad, but gaining? How the hell did that happen?

I am still at a loss. I have determined that I am still going to have a great holiday, but when I get back I need to sort this out. Not only sort it, but I want to real actual goal. If anyone has any good advise they can share, or if this has happened and you know what the reason may be, please get in touch!!

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