Wednesday, 12 April 2017

What I'm Watching This Week

  • Billions. Up to date now on series 2, and its still fantastic. Chuck and Wendy still estranged, and Ax down on his luck deal wise - lots of twists and turns and intrigue. I love this program, so clever, such dialogue - you just never see what comes next. Brilliant stuff, and as for the cast - perfect choice of leads Damian Lewis as Ax is mesmerising, his wife Lara played by Malin Ã…kerman is the epitome of cool. Then there is Chuck played by Paul Giamatti, and wife Wendy played by Maggie Siff. Whoever cast for this series needs rewarding - brilliant. 

  • A Place in the Sun has become quite the addiction is our home. Along with other home related favourites, but this one is in the top spot, not least as we are soon headed off on holiday! I love the idea of a place in the sun, and watching what you can get for your money keeps me captivated and hopeful. One day...

  • Broadchurch. Well series 3 has not disappointed. Cleverly bringing in a new storyline, whilst weaving the original one into the plot. Once again, the actors in this intelligent and deeply emotional show are so convincing and talented that you forget you are watching TV. The plotline has left virtually everyone under suspicion, and previous victims keep appearing. Who the devil done it? Not even a clue so far.