Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Book of the Month - Stephen King - Gerald's Game

My book of the month for May is a Stephen King classic - Gerald's game.

Quite an old book this one, published back in 1992. I read it near the time it came out, but decided to revisit it as my memory was that it was good. Crikey is it - not one for the squeamish though. Its one of those that makes your stomach churn at points, and whilst its not action packed as such, the sheer horror of it is mind blowing.

So, it begins with Gerald and wife Jessie heading off to their summer house by the lake. Its well past summer though, and the house and its surroundings are deserted. Not a soul around. Wanting to spice up their sex life, Gerald has bought along a pair of police issue handcuffs and gets to work placing Jessie into them, hooking her up to the bed.

Jessie however, has a sudden change of heart, but at the wrong moment she lashes out and finds herself alone, cuffed to the bed, with Gerald on the floor - dead. As she battles her sanity, and begins to deal with the cramps and pains and thirst, she suddenly realises no one is going to rescue her from her predicament, and that if she is going to live, she has to escape.

Cue a terrifying tale of sheer horror and the ultimate battle for survival. Certainly makes you think!! A book that hasn't aged, Gerald's Game is well worth a read, as relevant today as it was back then.

Highly recommended this one - and the twist that comes in at the end, just when you had put it down to Jessie's overcharged imagination will really unsettle you. Scores a 9 out of 10 this one. Brilliant.