Friday, 12 May 2017

Busy busy day and I am feeling good :)

Well, when I finished my relatively high flying job at the end of last year, I thought I was in for a nice rest. Then we started to do some jobs around the house, which led to full on projects of a scale I would once have fled from!

Today's efforts were more physical - a simple task - taking down a tree!! Yes, I said simple. If you had asked me to take down a tree this time last year, it would have felt like a really big deal.

Now though, we are what I would consider accomplished on the DIY front and tasks that we once balked at, we relish. We got up, saw the weather, and were tempted to put the job off.

When it was clear the rain was not going to let up anytime soon, we togged up and cracked on. It took us less than an hour to take the tree down, break it up and pack it into the skip. Job done.

Now, you may be wondering why we needed to remove it in the first place. Well, it was half dead for one thing.

The other issue was, as you can see, it looked like it had one too many drinks and was struggling to stay upright! 

Its been in a similar state since we moved in to our home, and that is almost 3 years ago. Its died a little more each year, until its ended up like this. 

I always feel a bit sad when you have to take a tree down, but this one was almost gone before we even started, so I didn't feel so bad. It was hard work, and it was very physically demanding, but we are so used to working outdoors now after our recent efforts, that it seemed easy. 

It looks so much better now on the front, as it was the first thing I ever noticed when I reached our house. Now its gone, and it doesn't block the view either, which is great. 

In addition to this, we had a mini skip today - bags of turf and soil from our other projects of late - building raised sleeper beds, making a pond - well, 2 in fact, laying artificial grass, hauling hardcore and gravel to the back, building a pergola to replace the old rotten one - the list goes on. 

I spent the morning and yesterday afternoon, wheeling loads up and down the drive to load into the mini skip. We are approaching the end of our manual projects, but each time we think we are done, we come up with another idea. 

Its great - the house has never looked better - but its like we never reach the end! Good feeling though, that we have accomplished so much with our own hard labour. 

We have also managed to get loads of the normal housework done too - the usual - hoovering, dusting, washing, ironing, handwashing, dishes, cooking, cleaning, bleaching, washing the bedding. 

As well as all of this, we have taken our gorgeous dog for walks, spent quality family time together and had fun. 

So busy, and feeling good :)