Friday, 26 May 2017

Dieting is so unfair on the weekends :(

Its Friday night, getting on for 11pm, and we are watching a great movie, having opted not to go out this evening. Its just the two of us this weekend, my step daughter is with her mum. We have had a busy day, and are chilling out with a film and our little dog.

I have eaten healthily today, done lots of exercise and jobs inside and out, had a lovely soothing hot shower, and the weather has been fantastic.

So why is it, that I feel like its wrong on a Friday night not to have a bottle of wine and a lovely, if high in calories evening meal? Because I am on a diet, and being on a diet at times, is bloody miserable.

I can't just decide what I fancy for tea, it has to be precision planned, low cal, lots of veg. I can't indulge in a dessert or some ice cream or chocolate. No crisps, no cheese, no take aways. Granted I did have at least some of those things just last weekend on a cheat day, but its Friday night damn it!!

It feels so unfair, but then I have to remind myself that I can have those things if I really want them. But if I do, there is no point complaining that my middle is bulging over my waistband. I have the chance to choose another option, a good body, one I can be proud to put in a bikini, or I can choose to hide in a sarong like I usually do.

I know which I would prefer come holiday time, but right now, it is Friday night !!!!! :(

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