Thursday, 4 May 2017

Finally feeling motivated

Its Thursday morning, which is not the time I usually associate with being positive, or active or inspired. However today, I finally realised something for the first time.

I was just watching music in the background whilst I cleaned and did some housework, when this video came on. I can't recall the song, but the whole video was around one woman working it. She had the most amazing body- not too butch, but strong and lean, still feminine. She looked so fabulous, and I thought hmm, I bet she doesn't spend her days drinking wine, eating crisps and cheese.

So, I have finally given in and accepted it. I either stay as I am, constantly wanting to look better, never quite getting there. Or I do something different. I could make different choices, and get entirely different results.

With this in mind, I have to get my backside off this sofa and get my exercises done. Get my diet sorted, and get my life in control. Starting now. :)

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