Thursday, 11 May 2017

Great day, hard work, no rewards :)

Sounds a bit contradictory that doesn't it? Great day, hard work, no rewards. Why was it such a great day, if it involved hard work for which there was no reward? Well I suppose that depends on what you consider - rewards.

For me, hard work usually means that I "deserve" a nice tea, or that I "deserve" a glass of wine. Is that really a reward though? Well yes and no. Yes, of course its lovely to have a nice meal, a glass of your favourite tipple, but when you are trying to shift some pounds, and have put a lot of effort in to that effect, who is that really rewarding?

Ok so case in point - I am back on the Weight Watchers - downloaded the app, and all motivated. I had bran flakes for breakfast, which strawberries and blueberries, then  healthy wholemeal sandwich for lunch and a bag of low fat cheese curls. I worked my backside off today - nearly 7 hours out in the garden - much of which was intensive - lifting bags of turf and soil into a mini skip, wheeling around a heavy wheelbarrow. I have done my abs, my push ups, my squats, my tricep dips and more.

So, I had a lovely hot shower, put on my lovely new pink velvet dressing gown, and had a healthy tea. Weight watchers meal with broccoli and cabbage. After all that, the temptation to scoff some icecream, have a vino is huge. But then it would mean it was all for nothing - the calories would offset the control over my food, the sugar wouldn't help my weight loss one bit. So I am resisting.

I've come to the conclusion after so many years, that my view of "rewards" is a bit skewed to say the least. I need to reward myself - mind and body - with things that are good for me, that make me happy, add some value. That's my new approach.

I said today had been a great day - it has. We have done so much, the garden is looking totally amazing. I have worked hard physically which is good for my body, and my mind. I have resisted temptation - my will power still exists - bonus! I said no rewards - well that isn't strictly true. I haven't had wine, I haven't had chocolate, or the usual indulgences. The reward today has been knowing I have self control, taking a step towards looking and feeling better, looking after my body, looking after my mind, and the real reward? Seeing how great the work we have done looks. Worth more than bubbly in my view. :)