Saturday, 6 May 2017

How do thin people get slim??

I find myself wondering how do thin people get slim? I ask this because as someone for whom slim is a dream, it is so bloody hard.

Some people don't, on the appearance face of it, seem to struggle at all. Some people in fact seem to be able to eat what they wish. I am not one of them. Sadly.

So I find myself watching those lucky enough to be slim, to be thin, and wondering what they eat, and just how they have come to be how they are.

Do they eat at all? If they do, what do they eat? How often do they eat it? Do they ever over indulge?

Me for instance. I diet, I go to the gym. But boy do I let my hair down. Especially on hols. All inclusive or otherwise, its all about relaxing, eating, drinking and having fun.

Sometimes on holiday, there are those women that look amazing. Not only on the first day. All holiday. Me - I get more bloated as the hol goes on. My clothes get tighter, my tum more pronounced. So how do they do it? Don't they indulge? Or do they work it off? It's my mission to find out how they do it. )

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