Friday, 26 May 2017

Its hot - hoorah!

Phewf its been a warm one today! Typically, we were working outside though, and not just lazing about sunning it up. Still - much more pleasant gardening in the mid 20 's than in previous months where frost bite felt like a real possibility!

It always amuses me though, when we get a hot spell here in the UK. Everyone goes summer mad temporarily - you see the legs come out ( ladies) the top come off (men), often not having seen the sun for quite some time. Then you see those same backs, arms and legs sporting a lovely shade of bright red after an afternoon outdoors with no suncream on!

Most of us have done it, but you hope to learn your lesson. Some of us do, some of us don't. Then there is the mad rush for the BBQ stuff. I guarantee this weekend burgers, sausages and baps will run short. People will be buying beer by the crate, and bottles of spirits for cocktails as we speak!

Its like a frenzy comes over everyone - suns out - BBQ on! Nothing wrong with it, just so a sign of the lack of decent weather we endure. One of the joys of Blighty, but I love it.

So it's hot - hoorah! We all think - the we overeat, over drink, stay up too late making the most of the light nights, get burnt and its a huge amount of fun. :)