Tuesday, 30 May 2017

My New Retro Single of the Week - Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence

My new Retro single of the week is Depeche Mode with 'Enjoy the Silence'.

Now back in the day, I was quite the Dep Mode fan myself, and 'Enjoy the Silence' was right up there as one of my favourites. In making it my retro single of the week, I listened again, and watched the slightly bonkers video, and was reminded how great this song is even after all these years.

'Enjoy the Silence' was released in 1990, and was taken from their album of that year Violator. It was an iconic image of a red rose on a black background on the album, and this single had the same rose image in white against a blue background. You would have had to look hard to find a corner somewhere back in the 90's where that image was not on a poster or a t-shirt!

Depeche were an English band, led by Dave Gahan on vocals. The band themselves were the very height of cool back then - think black leather, quirky videos and rock and roll personas. We wanted to be like them - personally, I wasn't!

The video seemed a bit odd at the time, but seems even more so now looking back. Basically, lead singer Gahan, dressed in a king's robes and crown, wandering about with a deckchair in various isolated locations like lakes and mountains. Fits the song though - maybe he was just trying to actually find a quiet place to enjoy the silence, as the song suggests.

The lyrics to this song are quite dark but somehow beautiful. "all i ever wanted, all I ever needed, is here, in my arms, words are very unnecessary they can only do harm". Sung in Gahan's deep tones, it sounds sultry.

Depeche Mode were very into the electronic synth sound, but their sound was quite unique and stand out. They were definitely more dark and sinister sounding than many of their bubbly pop contemporaries!

I think this song still sounds as great and as morose as ever. Well worth a listen either to reminisce or to listen for the first time. Let me know what you think.

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