Thursday, 11 May 2017

My new Single of the Week - Imagine Dragons - Believer

My single of the week is from Imagine Dragons with 'Believer'.

Not strictly speaking a new release, as its been out a few weeks, but I have only just really got to listen to it, and its fabulous. Not least the video - more on that in a moment.

So Imagine Dragons - who are they? Well they are from America -  Vegas no less. They formed in 2008, but having released some EP's it was 2012 when their first studio album debuted. It was the second single from that album that I first heard - that song was 'Radioactive'. The album, Night Visions, was a huge success.

Imagine Dragons are a rock band, but they have a really distinct sound. Not big guitar riffs, or screaming vocals - no, these boys pack power and vocals, but in a more modern, edgy way.

2015 saw the release of their second album, Smoke + Mirrors. Album number 3 - Evolve, from which 'Believer' is the lead single, is out this month.

Its the video that really hooked me - already liking the song, I watched it. I was surprised to see Dolph Lungren he of Rocky fame in it, facing off against lead singer Dan. Dolph is still in great shape, though he has to be knocking on a bit in years, but its Dan whose physique surprised me - apparently he got in shape for this vid - it worked - he looks the real deal.

The lyrics talk about "pain" and the video sees him fighting through it. This is a great song for the gym, or for running to or just to rev you up. Very colourful, and I love the featuring Dolph in it.

All in all, this is a catchy, powerful indie rock song, with a great video, great vocals. More like this and I am definitely wanting more from this band.

If you want more from me, you can find more of my singles of the week, and music stuff over at My Music page here. Go check out this single and my page. Happy listening :)

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