Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Reasons to be Cheerful

Firstly, I am currently not having to get up for work. Whilst that may in itself become a stress factor in coming months, right now I am loving the freedom of it.

Secondly, just back from a lovely holiday, looking forward to not just one but two more already booked, and this evening, the balance was paid - excellent ! Now I am excited.

Finally, my little dog today made me smile. The other half was hoovering downstairs, and our girl hates the hoover. She bolted upstairs, dived under the duvet which I was under being flued up, and snuggled into the back of my pjama clad legs. She stayed there until the hoover stopped, then slowly emerged her little furry snout from under the duvet peering out at me. It was the single cutest thing ever!!

Good day :)