Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Secret Chocolate Scoffing - oops!!! (I couldn't help it!)

I have a confession. I really did try not to, but I just couldn't help it! Back at Easter, I won a hamper of lovely Godiva chocs. Most got eaten, but one box remains. Its sat on the shelf, taunting me.

Little G has eaten a few, but being very rich chocs - Belgian no less, I think they are a bit too much for her, so they have sat there. Tonight, I really felt rubbish so I didn't feel up to going to the gym. I came home, and because I'm a bit hormonal I thought I might just have one.

I mean one wouldn't hurt would it and just look at them:
 They looked so pretty. The one that was left was this one. It doesn't have a bow anymore, as the box is open. That is exactly the problem though. If it was still wrapped with its dainty bow, it would still be intact!!

So I had one chocolate. I then decided a cup of coffee would go nicely with another one. Then, before I knew I had eaten 5!! Now that may not sound too bad. But remember these are big belgian chocolates, worth 4 weight watchers points each - eekk!!! That's nearly my entire days points gone in 5 minutes!! 

Now I feel immensely guilty and I really must go to the gym tomorrow. In my defence, they were directly in my line of vision, I didn't feel very good and was feeling sorry for myself and they were just the ticket. So yes, I feel very naughty and guilty now. 

(They were lovely though - yummy!) :) x

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