Saturday, 6 May 2017

Since when did everyone swear so much??

I'm having a moan again. I am turning into a grumpy bag aren't I? But I want to know since when did everyone swear so much?

I'm not a prude. Far from it. I think a good outburst every once in a while purges and vents the anger. When though, did it become the norm for it to be what sounds like every other word?

I have certain expectations myself. I expect when there are children around, that adults will show some restraint and moderate their language. Call me old fashioned, but I expect that when I as a woman enter a bar, or a restaurant, or the supermarket for heaven's sake, that men will curb their language in my presence.

This is not a sexist statement, as most importantly, I expect women in particular to not use foul language in my company as a rule, but in particular there is one certain word that no woman should speak.
Now, to clarify, I am not referring to all foul language. Just certain words. I'm talking the big boys here - the effs and the jeffs. I'm talking the big W and the T's. But my banned word begins with a curly C. Under no circumstances!!!!!

I understand that a bit of road rage or trolley rage, or kicking your toe up may require a certain amount of venting. I understand that during an argument or even after one, that we all sometimes need to express just how annoyed we are, just how upset. Language has a place and this is it.

I have to ask though, these people who use it in every sentence, at regular intervals, or even every other word, just how exactly do they express extreme emotion? For most of us, its the particular use of these words that is a statement of just how much on a scale of 1-10 we are reaching. If you always speak this way, then what is left to say when you are on point 10 or nuclear? Do you then not swear to show how you feel? Oh what beautiful irony that would be.

I don't know if its just me, but I am so tired of hearing it. I feel that its everywhere, and in every place. Its on the TV, its in books, its quoted in papers, its the driver with the window down, its the kids walking to school. What has happened to us and since when did everyone swear so much???

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