Sunday, 7 May 2017

Sunday Reflection

Sunday and the sun is shining. Makes a refreshing change especially as yesterday was deceptively chilly. Taking a look back over my last week and reflecting on what's gone, and what I want to do differently over the coming weeks and months, I thought it time for a Sunday reflection post.

So this week was my first week post hols from Gran Canaria. We allowed ourselves this week to catch up, unpack, wash everything, get the housework done, chill with the step daughter and our dog, catch up on the soaps and boxsets, oh, and of course, not to worry about the diet!!

Fair to say, we have accomplished all of the above, which is great. What wasn't so great was getting a damn cold which started on Sunday and got progressively worse, right up until today - a week later, when its back to a bit of sniffles and a slight cough. So that slightly scuppered me, but nevertheless, we got there.

We have also managed to get some jobs done in the garden - some weeding, deadheading, and also building another raised bed and grass of the artificial variety. It looks fab! Now we on the nice bits of gardening - the plants and flowers and making it look beautiful.

I have enjoyed the indulgence this week - back to back Corrie and Emmerdale to catch up, the Billions and Game of Thrones on boxset. I've watched films, and Come Dine with Me, and A Place in the Sun, and Grand Designs. I have eaten everything I wanted, chocolate, crisps, take away, meals out, pints in the beer garden. I can now say in all honesty that I am now ready to feel healthy again.

Its going to be hard getting back on the straight and narrow, but it will feel so much better. Its strange - eating what you want feels great at the time, but it makes you feel rubbish afterwards.

Over the coming weeks, I will look back on this week fondly, as the weeks turn to months and the scales drop and my clothes fit better. I will remember it as being great, but right now, I feel fat and unhealthy, and the joy of food and drink has become the norm. Strange as it sounds, I am looking forward to being hungry rather than being full all the time.

We have finished some work in the garden, but we have lots still to do. These coming weeks though, we are determined not to spend long days working, but to get to the gym in the mornings, go for a swim or a walk, or a jog. Start the day as we mean to go on. We didn't manage that before holidays, so we are going to make a big effort. Its so much better when its lunch time and you've already got your session in.

The plan is to go to the gym, get back home for lunch, then we have the rest of the day to do what we need to, plus getting more exercise done - Zumba, treadmill, weights, abs - I am intending to be fitter than I have ever been. I will never get a better opportunity.

Finally, this week has made me think about life, specifically what I have, what I want, what I would wish for. I have come to the conclusion that I love my life. I have a lovely house, good friends, a loving partner, a fabulous funny dog, an amazing step daughter, fabulous step sons and great girlfriends, and wonderful parents. We get to go on lovely holidays, and have a nice happy lifestyle. We get stressed over silly things, when we really shouldn't, so we are going to work on that.

All in all, life is good, and I intend to work at keeping it that way.