Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Sunny Days make it so hard!!

When the sun is shining and its a beautiful day it makes it so much harder for me. I'm talking about staying on the straight and narrow, sticking to the diet and staying off the booze. There is something about a sunny afternoon that makes me think "woohoo - wine" or "woohoo - pint" or better still "woohoo - bbq!".

Not helpful when I am on day 3 of my diet and fitness attempt and this time its got to be strict as I have quite the challenge ahead of me, but more on that another time. Back to the sunshine issue. As much as I love the sunshine, it makes me want to crash off course.

I have to really keep focused and try and remember why I am being good. I lay back today, catching some rays, reading my book, and looked up at the clear blue sky and saw a plane going over. That made me think "next time I am on a plane, I shall be in shape, at goal weight". Every time I saw a plane after that, it made me remember that. It was still hard.

I had to keep talking myself around, persuading myself that it will be worth it. I wanted a glass of wine though - it was like torture. I associate hot weather with holidays, that is the problem. It was lovely being so warm, but its so much easier to stick to my exercise and diet when its cold and wet.

When the weather is rubbish, I don't mind being indoors exercising. I don't mind running on the treadmill, or doing my Zumba, or whatever it is. When the sun is shining, it feels wrong to be indoors. That said, I do enjoy getting out and walking when its nice, but once again, I always want to finish my walk with a glass of wine at the local, or on the canal.

This is why I am not thin, not at goal weight. I find it so hard to resist temptation. However, resist it I did today, and whilst I wouldn't say I feel virtuous, I do feel very glad that I stuck to my guns. In a few weeks from now, when I am trimmed down, and feeling confident and comfortable, I shall look back and smile. But right now, I want it to rain!