Friday, 5 May 2017

The many faces of Coco the Dog

Our little gorgeous bundle of fur is growing up fast. She's a Staffy, so whilst she is now nearly fully grown in length, she will no doubt thicken out as she gets older. Its hard to think how much she has grown, but let me tell you this dog has personality!!

I decided to take a look back at the many faces of Coco starting at 10 weeks old when we first bought our little furry baby home to now at 11 months old. Its ridiculous how much I love this little lady.

Our little girl makes us laugh every day. She's so mischievous and funny, loving and cuddly, full of life and happy to fall asleep anywhere! 

She has turned into the most lovely natured kind dog as she grows up and I am very in love with her. She has turned us all into mush and made everything so much fun. 

Even when she does things wrong, which she will - she is still a baby, still learning, I just cannot be cross with her. She just looks at me with her sad eyes when she knows she has been naughty and I can't help making a fuss of her anyway! 

I find myself unable to go shopping anywhere without bringing her a treat back. We no longer go for meals and clear our plates - we always have to bring her a little bit of meat back. 

We went for many years thinking about when it would be the right time for a dog. I'm sad we went so long without one, but it meant that when we had one, we had this one - Coco. She was meant for us. My little furry little girl has stolen my heart. 

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